Sony A7iii

Found 1st Mar
What’re people’s thoughts? Looks like a great camera for the price to me, although it’s still £2k 😩
Anyone had any experience of grey imports of Sony cameras or know of a cheaper place to pre order?
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DigitalRev should offer it at a slightly more reasonable price, and they're a decent company to order from.

As for the camera itself, it looks brilliant, but I do have some reservations about it. This is all better documented elsewhere, but Sony's mirrorless bodies aren't without their flaws, chief among which being:

- Smaller body, but bigger lenses. It's the same distance from element to sensor whether there's a mirror inbetween or not, and that does add size, weight, and cost to your lenses.

- Limited selection of lenses. AFAIK, there aren't even any 600mm lenses yet, so they're a bit of a non-started for sports & wildlife unless you're content to spend about £400 on a decent EF to E converter.

- No mirror, so your sensor loses its dust shield.

Personally, I'm hoping to see what Nikon come out with in terms of a D750 replacement. I really hoped either company would have something decent out by now (I've a wedding in four weeks, really wanted to upgrade in time for that), but I can wait.
It looks the dog's danglers. Go for it.
I use a A7R2 and love it. I wouldn't go back to DSLR sized/weight cameras.

Check out "Panamoz" for grey imports, when it's available.
They offer a 3 year UK warranty, which is better than most UK retailers.
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