Sony Announce Amazing New Music Player

    Those clever boffins at Sony have come up with a marvellous new invention.

    You've seen the iPod and the iPlayer. Now there's the iTit - a small silicone chip which women can insert into their breast implants to play music or even radio programmes!

    The stereo speakers (one each side) vary in size depending on cup size.

    Hymer Nerd, chief design technician, said, "I came up with the idea after being told that women often complain about men looking at their breasts instead of listening to them . . . "




    awww ... weren't they breastfed as a baby? :whistling:

    Original Poster



    Sorry, can't find a link.

    I think Sony are playing this close to their chest . . .

    keeping abreast with the news

    Would be fun tuning into different radio stations


    needs some minor tweaking

    all right folks - very funny! Great post - made me seriously chuckle.
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