Sony bdps370 blu ray player - streaming films from pc?

    I recently bought one if these and have been trying to stream my media from my pc to it, but I can't get it to work, when I go to network connections there are no servers listed, I've tried running serviio and windows media centre on my pc but non of them work

    Iplayer etc run fine over the network, so it can't be a network problem?

    Can Anyone who's got one of these help me out?


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    You still can't get it to work dude? are you using a wired connection?

    Have you followed the guide here:…d=5

    Really hope you can get it to work, awesome when it does!

    I have a sony machine and IIRC it was all pretty automatic when setting up.
    The only thing I can suggest is that the folders on my PC where I store media were already set to share with another PC on the network - perhaps the Sony picks up shared folders auto?

    ..actually, thinking about it, I must have had to set the PC up on the sony as both PCs on the network have shared folders, so the Sony would have discovered both of those if it was automatic?

    Oh well, at least I've bumped your question.

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    i'm doing it on a wired connection via homeplugs, i've alread got shared folders on n my pc as i've got a revo which sees the folders

    I've tried tversity,serviio and media centre, all the servers run on my pc but when i go to connection server settings o the player there are no servers displayed

    if i go to options and network diagnostic it says "cannot find the server ip address -blank-

    I've tried turning off the winows firewall but it still can't see the servers??
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    Have you updated the blu ray player to latest version?you need to look for the name of your PC in a yellow square box for seviio, make sure the sever is def.running on pc first!

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    Yeah I've updated to the latest firmware, the server is defo running on the pc but nothing is showing up on the player, very frustrating

    I'm having the same problem and can't make sense of it.

    Same model player, up to date firmware, internet video works fine and it even shows up connected to my network (in network connections area on computer)

    I running windows 7 64 bit and have ensured that all settings are correct on the PC end including firewalls etc. My 360 will also connect and play media.
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