Sony Bravia EX4/40

    Need some help please guys.

    I have been told about a new Sony Bravia EX4/40 40" tv.
    My mate can get me money off it through his staff discount and i could get the TV for £584.10.

    Is this a good TV and is this a good price.
    I was after a new TV but through some advice on here, i'd decided to wait until after the world cup but then my mate rang me today and told me about this TV as he knew i was after a new one.

    Any advice would be great, cheers.



    Its a decent enough set, its only 50hz so if your gonna be sat quite close to it then I would look at a 100hz set, if your sat say 8 feet away then its fine.

    The picture on HD is good, however imo it struggles on SD.

    I would maybes look at a Plasma TV if you will be watching a lot of SD as the picture is way better. For plasma I will always recommend Panasonic. The Panasonic TXP42X20 can be picked up for a similar price.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for that, rep'd
    Maybe i'll just wait then.
    I sit approx 6ft (ish) away from the TV so maybe i should go for a plasma.I was just worried as the TV is going to be sat underneath a very large window (about 15ft) and was worried about the light.
    Having said that i only really watch tv at night so it might not be a problem.
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