Sony Bravia KD49XE8396 Android

Found 12th Sep 2017
Been into Curry's and the salesman was really pushing this TV due to the Android Operating system. Anyone got a view on this? He reckoned the Smart platform will be replaced by this in a few years.

Apart from that the TV picture did look really good but seemed to be £150 -ish more than other TVs in the same range.
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It's not that Android will be replacing smart tvs, android is just the operating system that Sony, Philips, sharp and a few others use. In a similar way that many different phone brands use android rather than creating their own software.

However, android for me is the best smart tv operating system. The availability of apps is much greater than any other and I would highly recommend it. You may find it better value to buy a non smart tv or even a non android smart tv and then buy a separate android box for £30-£50 though
Yeah, get an android TV box for £30 as it will be more powerful than what's in the tv
Problem with Android tv's are that Android seems to be laggy as the tv isn't really powerful enough to run it fluidly, It's convenient as plenty of apps already on the market etc.. so integration is good.

Other Smart platforms like WebOS etc are generally more fluid because the OS is generally refined that way but a little more restricted when it comes to apps.

I wouldn't buy an Android tv for android, I'm not overly fussed with Smart Tv's in general.

I've got an Android box that works much faster than an Android tv would and in the future I'll upgrade the box rather than the whole tv etc.. It's great for IPTV, Showbox etc..

My current tv is a Samsung 49KS7000 and I use it for netflix and on demand stuff as it's conveniently there but no doubt will become unsupported in the future as will Android as new updates are made etc..
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the 8396 is a great tv - just got one myself.
Twin tuners and a sat tuner built in.
I was looking a the 8004 which has the same screen and operating system but only 1 tuner.
I have hooked up a hard drive for recording so no box needed but you have to disable youview as sony doesn't have a licence to record from there.
The android operating system is in my view better than others and is occasionally slow - this does depend on your broadband speed to some extent.
The lag on Android tvs for now at least is far too noticeable, I'd get the TV you want and a decent spec android box separately.
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