Sony Bravia light banding

    I bought a Sony Bravia 40w705c back in January and have noticed the left hand side of the screen has a 2 inch vertical band which is lighter than the rest of the TV picture. It's especially noticeable watching football or when the screen is more or less one solid colour.
    Question is, will Sony repair/exchange or is it 'normal'? Purchased from Sainsbury's who say after 30 days the warranty is with Sony which doesn't sound right......


    It's edge lit so it sounds like either light leakage or a faulty led matrix. Either way it's a manufacturing fault and your 1st port of call is Sainsburys. After all Sainsburys is Samsungs customer and not you.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere a year or so ago that after 6 months it is down to the manufacturer and not in this instance Sainsbury's.
    I dealt with the manufacturer and got my washing machine sorted no problem.

    As stated Sainsbury's are responsible for this, it maybe quicker to go direct to Samsung but you're contract is with the retailer. The six month rule, first six months the fault is deemed as being there at point of sale, after six months the purchaser has to prove the fault is inherent, obviously a lot of retailers offer warranties that are better then this.

    Clouding/banding on LCD is quite common, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable. Tell Sainsburys to sort it.

    if you need to contact the manufacture ignore the others and contact Sony! lol

    I have a sony tv and find it has ghosting pictures when the background scene is dark. It is connected to sky magic eye so not sure if the signal from that is causing the issue.

    I also have a samsung tv and find the image quality from that is far superior to the sony tv. Same goes for a LG tv i have, also much better quality.

    I won't be buying sony tv again as they are inferior to samsung and LG.
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