Sony Bravia Stutterring. Can Anyone Help...?

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Found 30th Oct 2007
Hi all,

I'm quite noobish when it comes to LCD TVs however I recently bought the following TV:…30U

I have no problems when watching TV through the freeview/my 150gig sony recorder, however SKY is a different matter.

When watching channels such as Dave, Uk gold, Uk Living/Style, many more the TV stutters beyond belief. Its as if it goes into slow motion, the suddenly catches up when their is movement on the screen. I have tried rebooting the sky box, to get the latest software, but no luck.

I hope this explains the problem ok. I have a samsung 40" which when watching the same channels is fine?

Please can someone explain whats wrong and how I can fix it





I know this will sound strange but separate your sony recorder box and sky box. Also turn off the sky+ type features of your HDD recorder, this may be slowing it down, just watch sky direct from sky box to tv

Original Poster

Unfortunately I do have the sky directly into TV via scart


Yeah still try separating the box's, same thing happened with my dads, some sort of interference between HDD boxes and Sky boxes....I mean it may be your tv, but just exhaust everything else may be you sky box

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Have tried that, looks like its the TV. What can I do?

I would ask your question on AV forums mate:…php

Excellent forum site.Im sure someone on there will help you out if you ask nicely !.:)

Try swapping the scart leads over at the rear of your Sony TV, see if that helps.
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