Sony Cashback

Found 28th Nov 2017
Hi all,

I purchased a Sony A7 camera in the Black Friday sale. It was listed as being eligible for £100 cashback from Sony, redeemable through their website.

The camera arrived last night, so I went to the website to start the cashback claim - could I get logged in? Could I buggery!

The site says that my email is already registered (which is quite possible, as I have a PlayStation and my previous phone was an Xperia). I tried the “Forgot Password” link, it asked for my Mother’s maiden name. Input the answer - it tells me it’s wrong!

Contacted Sony support, they told me that my email is not registered with them... Explained the above and they said the only thing to do is re-register with a new email address. I tried my iCloud email (spare email, basically), it tells me that it’s already registered!

Anyone had these problems, or know what the hell is going on?
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