Sony Dsc-Hx400v Digital Camera 20,4 MP 50-Fold Opt. Zoom Black 

    looking at buying this camera
    Sony Dsc-Hx400v Digital Camera 20,4 MP 50-Fold Opt. Zoom Black 

    anybody have any first hand experience of it?

    it's just under £300 has wifi and gps.

    or do you know of a similar spec camera that's better value?



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    Hi, I've been looking at the same for a while. Actually researched everything about it for about a month, and it is a clear winner to me. Some people complain it doesn't have raw but I don't plan on editing my pics so no problems for me.
    Amazon has it for 300 and there is £40 sony cashback, HOWEVER read the reviews, people say it hasn't tracked 5months later, I wouldn't count on it.
    Jesspos have price-matched if you want to test it there.
    To me there is no contender for that price. Here is a useful link to a thread that made it for me. I'm all about image quality, and the posts are very interesting to read.…580

    I'm waiting for it to go down in price a bit, sony cashback is till 25/01 so there's time.
    I don't own it, but there is nothing

    Are you sure the camera is WIFI and not Eye-fi which needs an eye-fi sd card. I got stung on that.…00v

    Lot's of video tests using this camera on youtube.

    Speaks for themselves

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    scooby_me cheaper herethanks for replying

    hmm seems there will be import charges and no Sony warranty
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