Sony Ericson phone querie

    I have a K800i & I was wondering if there was a way to stop it telling me my remaining credit after every text & call that I make. Also it telles me after a missed call for some reason.

    Only wondering because if I forget to click OK I cannot recieve any more texts. Yesterday for example, I was wondering why my mate hadn't text me back. When I looked I had frgot to get rid of it & the text came in 3 hours late because of it.

    So if there is a way then can anyone explain how to do it please?

    Its on 02 if it makes any difference.

    Thanks alo


    I think it's O2 that makes it do that, not the phone? Maybe you could phone them?

    thats really wired my c902 has jsut today stopped doing that so i am expecting it to pop up with my balance......... nothing its just stoped doing it im well happy no more missed texts

    Original Poster

    Just text my mate & it has actually just stopped for me as well, weird haha!

    Thanks for saying that though as I probably wouldnt have noticed :lol:

    Reps for you both for your help & my good mood =D
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