Found 17th Mar 2008
MY contract has just run out on my w880i and I am not sure which one to upgrade to, I prefer Sony's and there seems to be three possibilities:
k850i, w960i and the w910

Can anyone recommend the best? I would like the 5mp camera, but have heard poor reviews from the k850i, I don't esp like slide/flip phones, but I have heard great reviews from the w910

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my dad has the k850i and its been for repair twice already, he hates ait, he says its always freezing up. i'm the same as you and don't like slidey of flip phones but was very tempted by the w910, it looks like a really nice phone. in the end i decided to go for a phone with more features and got a P1i. assuming the 960 uses the same software that should be a really good phone

i know a few people that have the k850i and every single one has had been repaired at LEAST once, one of them fixed 3 times, then gave him a new phone, which broke aswell.

keep away.

i have the k850i and would not recomend it to anyone, keeps crashing and turning itself off. The camera did'nt work for sometime aswell. worst phone iv ever owned.:?

i've had trouble with 3 different w910i's

but supposidly if the phone is unlocked you wont have these problems (2 of mine have been orange branded, 1 vodafone)

Each time the problem has been software updates (bar the vodafone one, as yet an unknown problem, but they are trying to source me a replacement one)

But even after all the trips to CPW i stil love the w910i

Oh and i was told on sat they stopped making the black one now

i have had all 3, and the w960i is the best by a mile. the k850 is too chunky, the w910i is nice too look at but is nothing great, The w960i is great to hold, and use. i love the touch screen, the walkman is fantastic and the camera is pretty great too, it has auto focus and flash and 3.2mp whilst the w910i doesnt have either and is only 2mp,

I have the w910i and I love it. Looks great and the camera is fine. I always figured if I want good pictures then I will use my proper camera, that's what it's for after all. The 'sense-me' thing is great too, rotates pics/videos depending on how you hold the phone, always impresses people. (have had no problems after 2 months either)

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cheers guys, looks like I may go with the 960i


Why don't you wait until the summer (August I've heard) (and also you'll have more bargaining power by then) when the new Xperia X1, theG900 and G700 are launched by Sony Ericsson. The G900 has a 5mp camera, the G700 has 3.2mp, the Xperia has 3.2mp and is the updated P1 I've been told. All three phones are touchscreen and have loads of other goodies too.

I found the W960i a bit too big for me, but if you want a Walkman phone, there's a new one being launched around the same time called the W980i, although it is a slidy/twisty phone I think with only a 3.2mp camera. Good news is it has a built in memory of 8GB!! and shake control. Have a look at [url][/url] - there's loads to choose from. Good luck choosing!
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