Sony Ericsson c905

    Has anybody got this phone?
    Does anybody know of any good deals for it, preferably on O2?

    I'm looking for a new moby but wasn't too sure which phone i wanted.
    Had a quick look at the w/e and this seemed a pretty good phone.
    Checked out the reviews and they seem good too.
    I mainly want it for taking pics and video clips.
    Is the video quality any good on this? The reviews say the photo quality is excellent but mention nothing about the video?

    Any info and/or deals greatly appreciated and rep will be left.

    At the mo im on O2 30 day rolling contract, 1200 mins 1200 texts, free calls all weekend for 30 quid a month.
    Any deals similar to this would be great and any 12 month contracts would be even better

    Thanks guys


    Top phone, camera on it is as good as my £150 digitial camera. Have printed a picture off A2 size and it looks great. Is on my wall now.

    got my phone from dialaphone on Orange 400 mintues and 400 texts after cash back for Around £18 per month on 18 month contract. Phone was thrown in free. Bargain!

    hey i got this phone from vodafone only had it a month and i find it really good, the camera is awesome, i don't really use the wifi, coz i have mobile internet included. i have always found that SE phones are really user friendly :thumbsup:

    Hi magough

    Not wanting to put you off, but I've got about 4 mates who have these phones and they've all suffered from major problems with speakers and turning themselves off. The speaker problem is the worse. After about 3-4 months the sound starts breaking up and then goes completely.

    Orange have had that many back faulty that if you phone them up they know your problem as soon as you mention the phone model!! In fact Orange have dropped them from their list of phones and gone onto the W995 instead.

    I suggest doing a search on Google before jumping. They're still a mint to buy and you could end up with a lemon. I've not heard anything bad yet about their W995, which is pretty much the same phone, but deals seem good at the moment on them. They have the same camera as the C905, but come with a kick-ass slot on speaker. If you go through Phones4U, they're doing the W995 at £25 a month on an 18 month contract with Orange 35 and the phones FREE.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that guys.
    I did a search and unfortuately have found horrendous reviews on it

    That's relly confused me now n not sure what to get.
    I had a quick look at the w995 but i heard the photos werent as good?
    Might be worth havin a proper look at that.

    REP left for you all.

    just got the w995 and the pics are superb,
    plus comes with a 8mb mem card, so you can fit loads of pics/mp3's on it

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    Seems like there was more than just a speaker problem though?

    Original Poster

    If this is true im still tempted to get one.
    How do you know they fixed the problems?

    I have got the 2009 version of the C905 8Gb ( the older one has 2gb memory supplied )
    Not a single problem,
    Sony sorted all the early problems, you only need to worry if you are buying a second hand early phone !!!

    Original Poster

    Where can you get 1 with the 8gb?

    Original Poster

    What about the Nokia N97?
    I've heard that it has lotsa bugs though?

    Original Poster


    Yeah - I bought a C905 from Carphone warehouse in Jan 2009 and it has now broken twice - first the keyboard went and the second time the sound board stopped working which meant that you couldnt hear anyone when you ansa'd a call even though they could hear you.

    I think its the same as every piece of new technology - when its first comes out there are always a lot of bugs & problems (like the beta version of Windows 7) and you end up spending more time sending your phone back to the manufacturer so they can work out whats wrong with the phone than you do actually using it !!!!!

    Its a pity they a) dont pay me for my trouble and b) dont sort out all the bugs first because when it works the C905 is the best phone Ive ever had:?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!

    Another thing which also anoyed me was that I sent it back via Carephone Wraehouse the second time - so basically i gave them my £350 phone and what did they give me in return? Yup a cheap & nasty Nokia which has no camera or mp3 player & had the cheek to say if I didnt return their phone in perfect working order I could well forfeit the return of my C905:x
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