Sony Ericsson C905 - Are people still having problems?

    My contract is due for renewal this weekend and no phones at all are taking my fancy, but the 2 that i'm considering are the C905 and the Nokia 5800. The only thing really putting me off about the C905 is the amount of people complaining at the earpiece failing. So I was just wondering if the latest batches of the phone have seen this problem rectified?



    Yes I am.

    Third phone
    Third earpiece fault
    Third return.

    However apparently the latest batch have had it rectified, I wouldnt know as ive been given older handsets back.
    I've sent my one off now to see what they do to it, and see if i manage to get a newer model back, if not, im gonna have to sell/get onto Orange and change my phone

    Yes, we're still having problems.

    I got mine yesterday & it froze within an hour of using it. I can't do anything on the phone without it freezing, & I'm pretty darn angry about it too. I bet that if I were able to make a call, I'd find that the earpiece would be broken!

    It also does video calling but has no front camera.

    My mate has one and has to look in the mirror to be able to see me??????

    i recieved my c905 today and as soon as i turned it on it had a fault it froze and all the colours on the screen got jumbled up and it just wouldn't do anything. really dissapointed, its boxed and ready to go back i am getting a replacement for it but it will be the same handset. my last sony ericsson had simular problems i'm starting to think i should have learnt my lesson from my last sony ericsson!!!!! i can only hope that the new c905 i get dont have a software fault... but i'm not really that confident!

    im on my fourth and it has been all good for the past 2 months but who knows??
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