does any1 have any reviews or comments about this phone. i am lookig at this and might be getting this as part of a contract. any good or bad things to say about this phone i would like to hear. any problems with it or anything


    TheRegister put one up a few days ago. Linky for it is…x1/ .

    Who're you thinking of getting it on contract with?

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    will be getting it with vodafone hopefully.

    any1 else have 1 or thinking of getting 1 ?

    i'm thinking of getting one. But also tempted by nokia e90 communicator

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    e90 is a bit old now. will be ordering mine 2moro i think anyway. cant wait to get it saturday lol

    Nothing wrong with old especially with the E90 as they pretty much got it right first time, there's nowhere the X1 can really exceed the E90 despite the X1 being a much newer device. I think S60 is a far better mobile operating system than WM.

    The initial reception seems mixed although it's hard to gauge as any brand new sophisticated device is going to have teething problems. Personally I wouldn't touch a WM device with a bargepole given the clumsy mess it still is especially with activesync becoming progressively worse.


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    does any1 have 1 they can review ?
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