Sony Ericsson K800i 12 month cashback contract

    I'm after a Sony Ericsson K800i on a 12 month contract with cashback.
    I'm not too bothered about loads of minutes 250 is enough for me.
    The contact has to be with a reputable company who do not have lots of t&c to catch you out of claiming cashback.

    Any ideas?

    btw thanks for any replies:thumbsup:


    looks in the hot deals forum, there are a few in there!

    Original Poster

    The deals there seem to be with less reliable companies plus have loads of minutes. I'm after only about 250 minutes pm which should be less money to pay each month?

    Anyone else have a deal?

    What difference does it make if it has more minutes than you want as you are getting it for free. Apparantly cool new mobile are reliable and are offering 12 months free. I'm not getting your logic here?

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    I can't be arsed paying out a lot of money each month to get some back months later.
    If I forget to send the bill back or the t&c's are too strict etc I lose out on more money.

    Any more replies on a actual deal for this phone or its updated model?

    Probably the best deal for you ditto


    Having 500 x-net minutes & paying £35 / month is better than having 250x-net for £30. Plus, very reliable cashback from CoolNewMobile.

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    Thanks will check it out:)

    Any deals on Sony Ericsson K810i?
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