Sony Ericsson K800i

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Found 19th Aug 2007
Best I have found is at The Link for 99.99, 89.99 if I use the £10 off code...and possibly £10 if I sent in an old phone. Should be able to find one

Lets call that £89.99

Can anyone beat that?

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just tried cant

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Thanks for the effort h4x3r.

Im tempted to go for the cheaper, nicer looking Nokia 6300. Very nice phone, but not a great camera (I like my cameras :)) and its on the older series 40 OS which is buggy and not as advanced. But it has a LOT going for it.

Damn...hard decision lol.

I am replacing my e900....large phone mistake that was. Another nice phone, but not for me.

Edit: Can you also tell me the best deal for the Nokia 6300 please? (Vodafone or O2 preferably)
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