Sony Ericsson K800i - does any have/had one?

    Was thinking of buying this phone shortly.
    Just want to know if this phone is worth buying, I have seen some good reviews but after reading this post on here :…00i
    I am abit wary of buying it now. This fault is likely to happen if you have the phone for a year or so.
    So how long have you had a k800i, and would you recommend it?
    Thanks in advance.


    Original Poster…00i
    Link to post on here from yesterday!

    I had mine for around 6 months, it froze, so sent it back to sony ericsson (freepost) and got it returned to me in 9 days !

    The phone is great

    I purchased the K800i last September I have had no problems with it ,it does what it says on the box.I would recommend it but saying that I have only ever had basic phones before .

    I wouldn't worry about one person who had a problem.

    They are good phones(Just ordered one yesterday) and the S.O.G.A is there to protect your interests.

    had mine for over a year now, no probs whatsoever, coming to end of my contract so will be upgrading soon, no fault with phone tho,been very happy with it

    If you have enough cash id go for the k810i. The size puts me off the k800i as its on the thick side. Or another option would be the k770i.

    I've had mine about 6 months now and have not had any problems with it at all.

    I've had the K800i for a bit over a year and its a great phone! Never had any problems with it and have treated it really badly - chucking out of the window, kicking it under a bus (all accidents lol).

    On the K810i, I would NOT recommend the phone. My best mate has had it for the same time as i have had mine and he's had nothing but problems with it, hes on his second and he hates it.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reassurances guys, much appreciated!

    Great phone although it is big and bulky

    Is this phone good for taking drunken photos at night?

    The battery life on it is amazing.
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