Sony Ericsson K810i Speaker


I dropped my phone today mid-call and now the front speaker (where you put your ear) wont work. I got it working shortly after but now its stopped working again. When i take calls i have to use the loud speaker.

This comes at the end of my un-luckiest week ever. This week i have dislocated my shoulder, had to pay £400 on me car and now broke me phone

Anything I can do because i dont really want to go back to my old fone (Samsung E900 - the 1 with the touch sensitive buttons). I'm hoping i'll be able to ring o2 and try to get it fixed on the phone warrenty, im sure it wont b obvious that ive dropped it much like dropping it in water is easy to spot.

Thanks guys.


Tell them it stopped working randomly.
Worth a try.

Original Poster


Tell them it stopped working randomly.Worth a try.

Thats what im thinking - worth a try tomoz - O2 customer services are about as useful as a condom machine in the vatican though...

Claim on house insurance ? You'lll neeed to check though whether you have an excess as it probably woldn't be worth doing. Alternatively haven''t you got one of those local shops where the guy will do unlocks, repairs etc for a small fee ?



Sony Ericsson's customer service is awful
they will squeez out every penny of yours to repair that speaker

so I strongly recommend that you buy another one to take its place
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