Sony Ericsson K850i

    Hi, I've just finished my last contract 2weeks ago and looking for a good deal on my new contract.

    Firstly Vodafone haven't really given me a good enough deal to stay with them as I am currently on 500mins 500txt £40 a month on the k800i.

    The best deals I've seen so far are with o2online I know there reception isn't the best but for £30per month 400mins 1000texts unlimited to o2 phones or £35per month 600mins 1000texts unlimited to o2 phones... sounds like the best deal around.

    If anyone can find any better deals like first 3months half price or so what would be much appricated :thumbsup:

    P.s These are 18month contracts since you can hardly get good 12month contracts these days...


    The £30 contract is only £5 more per month on a 12 month contract.

    I got the K850i on Vodafone upgrade last Friday, on a £20 p/m contract so they will do it. Just ask for you PAC code, then retentions ring you up, state why you are leaving and they should try harder than the usual upgrades people.

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    I'm just off the phone to the guy from vodafone and he said he can't match the o2 deal he says its a good deal as well so think I'll go with that if nothing else comes up.

    Can I ask you ttoswahs what deal are you on with £20 p/m

    Erm 200 mins and 200 texts I think, anytime anynetwork etc.

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    Yeah I use my phone alot well during the weekend really so would struggle with only 200mins 200texts

    Is it a good phone anyway... ? How does it compare to the k800i if you owned it ? I don't really want to go instore and muck about with the phone the sales guys usually mind rape and you walk out with a sh*t deal.

    I got this phone yesterday, and the only massive difference is the camera...its top drawer, and the lens is behind glass.

    There are improvements, such as the media player, but im not sure about the buttons, altho it may be a case of just getting used to it. The touch sensitive buttons on the top are a bit annoying too.

    It seems that phone manufacturers are trying to hard to make things different. The k800 was absolutely perfectly designed in my opinion, so maybe they shouldnt have tinkered with the buttons too much.

    I like it but then again i came from an M600i that was proper toilet and far too slow. I like the touch screen bit but then agin the M600i was all tocuh screen. So far so good and the wife now wants one.

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    Can't wait to get mine, I ordered one from o2 today thanks for the 12month contract part should come in tomorrow so not going to expect it till friday.. New contracts 400mins 1000text £35 p/m 12month not to bad specially these days as all good deals are 18months and seeing 24months now eeek

    I hate touch screens but guess I'll get used to it, as the same for the buttons as I've used the k810 wich is quite similar. I found the buttons on the k800 was weird when I first used it from my w800i wow taking me back now

    I jst got mine orderd from orange £25 a month 600mins and Unlimited texts And A FREE phone
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