Sony Ericsson K850i for Nokia E90??

    Hi guys, my sony ericsson k850i has recently broke. Going into the o2 shop the lovely assisstant has offered me a replacement, or any phone from the list:

    Nokia N95
    Samsung G600
    Sony erisson w910
    nokia e90
    LG viewty

    Anybody got any personal reviews on these, and which would you go for given the choice? Don't have to pay any extra towards them, but the e90 seems too good to be true as a swap! Cheers guys.


    I'd go for the viewty.

    Go for Viewty-best choice.Excelent camera,battery life is good (~3 days),lovely phone. N95 has a lot more,but battery life worst i have seen on all phones - up to 1 day.It looks you have to keep it pluged in for almost every day.

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    Any one else recommend anything?

    I'm just about to get an N95, i know they're bulky and the battery life doesn't seem great but that's fine by me to get my hands on a great new piece of kit! I've had a look around on the forums and revie sites and everyone's got their own opinions of all these phones, but take them all with a pinch of salt and pick the one with the features you want!

    the e90 definate

    i just got the N95 today seems good so far cams good vids good applications are good wifi 3g overall seems pretty damn good
    hope this helps

    Try and make them give you an n95 8gb if not then the e90.

    I hate LGS even though i have a prada.

    Definitely nokia e90 if you want the most expensive phone. I got the O2 Stellar which is around the same price and its great. I'm sure you can get them to give you this if they are letting you get the e90 anyways since the stellar is cheaper.

    Just read some reviews before you decide. We don't know what you want in a phone. For me, I would definitely choose the most expensive phone so you can sell it and buy a cheaper phone instead even if you don't want the e90.
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