SONY ERICSSON K850i or NOKIA N95 - Which one?

    just looking for a wee bit of advice on which phone to choose for my new contract.
    Either SE K850i or Nokia N95. Can anyone recommend which is the overall winner or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks very much



    If speed and taking photos in the pub is important - like it is to me K850i. If you want a phone that /just/ runs a little slow but has everything - GPS, WIFI etc etc then get the N95. Personally I'd wait if possible - the N96, N83 are round the corner, SE are bound to release a super cool new cybershot phone soon plus the X1 is coming soon...

    Oh, and the potential for the N99!

    wouldn't go for the k850i everyone i know who has one is sick of it freezing and breaking, my dad's has been repaired 3 times now! so out of the two suggested i'd go for the nokia, otherwise the sony ericsson w960i looks like a great phone

    get the nokia n95 8gn version,that what i have,top phone,the sony phones are ok but like the earlier post said if you want all the extras got for the n95

    K850i - very reliable handset and you wont have to charge it every time you make a 5 minute call.

    N95 8GB. It does not suffer as much from the battery life issue like the N95. Superb features and phone. Lots of applications and games eg TomTom on your mobile, Google maps.

    The K850i has the annoying joypad that is wrapped around the keys so very easy to mistype. A colleague has a K850i at the moment while his K810i is replaced by O2, he much prefers the K810i over the K850i.
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