Sony Ericsson P910i Screen Replacement/Ribbon Repair

Found 7th Jun 2007
I have a P910i and the ribbon on the screen has a tear through it which runs vertically and perpendicualr to the wires in the ribbon cable.
I would like to know if there is a way to repair the ribbon cable, I doubt solderring would be an option because it will be too hot, the tear is 2-3mm accross the ribbon cable and goes through about 5 or 6 wires

Any help much appreciated and rep will be left!

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I will attempt some pics but not sure how they will come out!
The pics are useless. Ive done a bit of searching and there seems to be a way of mending it but it looks complicated, I would prefer to just buy a new screen I think.
There is a fault with the ribbon cables, this is the 2nd one where it has snapped/torn.

So anyone know of a cheap place to get LCD screens for the P910i?
what exactly is the fault?
on one of my screens, the LCD is cracked.

On the other the ribbon cable is torn.
anyone know where is the cheapest to buy LCD screens?
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