Sony Ericsson Satio VS Samsung Pixon 12

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Found 10th Dec 2009
I'm looking for a new phone and I'm torn between the two.
Which do you thinks best, and why?



i'd go for the satio rather than pixon 12

do a comparison on

i have just got the satio and i love it, really easy to use.

I would personally suggest the Satio - I have heard alot of positive feedback on them...

You could also check: you can check the reviews from people who have actually purchased the phone. This is especially helpful to find out if there are any issues or problems with the phones itself (previous Sony Ericsson's are well known for software issues/phone bugs).

Though they had pulled the Satio from the shelves ?.

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Thanks everyone. Think I have decided on the Satio. Rep added.

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Though they had pulled the Satio from the shelves ?.

Do you know why?

The guy at my local vodafone shop wouldnt sell me a Satio as he told me they'd had nothing but returns and problems with them - as much of a disaster as the C905 - which I already have :-( lol !!!

Software problem has now APPARENTLY been sorted...
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