Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Have u got it? Is it GOOD?

    I am thinking about getting the new SE Vivaz but I am not sure.

    I would like your help to decide. I already know the pros (from spec)

    If you got it, could tell some cons, please?

    How long have you got it? Is it any good?

    My main concern is battery life..…vaz


    It is GOT.



    It is GOT.

    I think they mean good :giggle:

    Original Poster

    Is it GOOD?

    Have it, it's good. I can't complain, like it more than an iphone... Feels good in hand, camera is as good as it looks, as is video, symbian OS is much better than I expected, even as a nokia user for the past 5 years, it impressed me on the vivaz, over-all, I like it a lot.

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    thanks Etzyme,

    how is the battery life for the Vivaz? I have an old SE w910 and the battery last 2 days listing music over 4 hours, last say.. and 4 days on stand by + calls.

    I had LG Viewty previously and it was rubbish. had to charge it every night just using stand by plus calls.

    Is the battery life of Vivaz as good as the older SE phones?
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