Sony ericsson w580i wanted

    Looking to buy one of these on o2 if possible for my daughter as a present.

    I have seen that Orange are selling them refurbished for £65, but wondered if anyone knew anywhere that did them on o2 for a similar or better price ?



    [COLOR="Blue"]Hi barachello

    FYI, the w580i is a nice phone...but....has a lot of reliability problems i.e. keypad cracks easily and shake song changer breaks. My friend had to have her keypad swapped twice in less then a year. There are probably similar and better phones out there....[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

    I think the other one she likes is the SE w350i ?

    The only other Sony's I have had are the K750i (which is excellent but not a "w" walkman phone which she is probably after) and my daughter has had the w810i (for over a year now) . The w810i is a walkman phone, and is a good solid handset, mouch more reliable than the w580i but maybe a tad dated by now.
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