Sony Ericsson W810i - Been in the Washing Machine - Will it work again?

Found 31st Aug 2008
Ok, so I didn't check my son's trouser pockets last night and he left his mobile in them. It has been washed on a 40 degrees cycle this morning.

I've tried to turn it on - no power. I've taken it apart as much as I can and I'm leaving it to dry out.

Do you think it will work again? If not, do you think the SIM will work on another phone?

I'm a bit annoyed with myself and with him (he's nearly 12).


sorry had to laugh, I always check pockets before I wash anything.

no it wont work I'm afraid
if you take the sim card out it SHOULD work in another phone once it's dry however there is no guarantee

What you need to do next time you get a phone wet, is immediately take the battery out, dont turn the phone off or do anything just pyull the cover off and get the battery out
give it a good shake, and if it's possible use a hairdryer on it both sides
then leave it to dry for a couple of DAYS

After that it should work, however it will only be a temp fix as the water WILL corrode the tracks inside the phone, and it will break properly
the only thing with it is, it might work for 6 months or it might work for a few years before the tracks corrode properly, but it should definately work long enough to get a replacement

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Thanks - thought it probably wouldn't work but nuts, he's only had it two months.

my son dropped his in the sink while i was doing the dishes .his fault wouldnt wait till id finished.anyways his is still working and he didnt do anything with his just threw it in his room and left it .when he started messing with it a couple of days later it worked first without the screen then a day later the screen was back on.his is the white one but definately a sony ericsson

one thing I forgot the water should have shorted out the battery so it's probably dead
if your sure it's totally dried out inside, charge the battery and you may be lucky
but if you are, still plan on another phone soon because the tracks inside the phone will corrode and break eventually if they havent already


Dont just let it dry out. The water isn't pure!!! Best to get some distilled water and give it another wash first to get rid of any deposits that there will now likely to be.

After re-washing, put in an airing cupboard to dry out completely before reassembling.

Dont turn it on until you have re-washed it.

PS - It doesn't work if you have a 40GB iRiver MP3 player that is left in a carrier bag with an exploded can of Pepsi!!!!! (As I found out! - Pepsi = nasty corrisive stuff!)

I've washed several depsite checking pockets, the small ones get in the corners of the girls' skirts, most of them work again ok although one did keep stopping for the first month. I dry them out with a hairdryer then leave them a day or so, not a good idea to try to power up while damp!

My ancient Sony J7 accidentally got put in the washing machine by my mum (my phone was lying underneath my trousers). I stopped the washing machine mid-cycle and got my phone out. I immediately took the battery out and gave it a good wipe in a towel. I then strapped it to the air intake side of a dehumidifier for 3 days whilst the humidity underneath the screen disappeared over time. It worked OK for another couple of months but the sound went after a while and then completely died a few months after that.

(double post)

as the others have said, for future reference, however tempting it is, DON'T turn on the phone, take it apart as much as you can, and leave it in a warm place for a few days to dry out.

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Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed.:thumbsup:

oops! who'll be off to carphone warehouse then to get that poor nephew of mine a cooler looking phone than the nokia before seniors starts on Friday?!:roll: An expensive mistake there kiddo- it happens to the best of us tho:thumbsup:
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