Sony Ericsson W995 Mobile


    I know that SE W995 is a 2009 model & it has some great reviews (especially the camera). But, why is it that it is not available generally. I found that it costs about £200 after a hard search. Why is it not available on PPM deals from the standard mobile vendors. Have SE taken it off the market?

    My wife would love that phone but I am not going to pay £200 for it when I can get Wildfire/Vivaz etc much cheaper. Just wondering why is it not available for sale on a general market really. My wife just uses the phone for making calls, some text and taking pictures and loves SE phones. If I can''t get hold of W995 then I am going for Vivaz.

    Doesn't make sense. Why is a 2009 model phone so much expensive than 2010/2011 models and even then very difficult to find. In fact, I found a deal with O2 where it is £30 per month - for a 2009 phone????? Doesn't make sense.




    I've got one and as you say it's a really good phone. Unfortunately, this is against Sony Ericsson's current policy so it's been pulled from the market.

    Using one at the minute, great phone. Saying goodbye to mine in November though.
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