Sony Ericsson Walkman/MP3 phone

    My sister is lookin for a Sony Ericsson Walkman/MP3 phone on PAYG, max price around £100.

    Anyone know of any deals?:)
    Thanks in advance.


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    there is a post about a k750i for £64 from lxdirect using a £25 and a 10% off voucher. otherwise some people went for the k750i on the o2 website which was i think £85

    hope this helps

    I have a sony ericsson w800i im sellin great condition year old (due to up grade) with a motarolla head set (which is brand new) for £100.

    Just a heads up... The W800i is exactly the same as the K750i apart from looking different and having a better firmware. You can get the K750i updated to the same specs as the W800i - better music player mostly. I wouldnt try this yourself unless you've done this before... Ask one of the phone shops/stalls/car boot sale people if they can do it.

    PS. I got my K750i for £70 from Littlewoods. They have a £30 new customer voucher (works only with 'paying up' - no straight one-off credit/debit payments).
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