My SE k810I has stopped working.

    How do i go about getting it replaced


    I cant think as my mouth is sore as hell due to the dentist



    has it got wet from your dribble?


    pop into the butcher shop and see if Mr Jones is on, i have heard he can sort all sorts

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    I dont dribble


    Serious Answers Please.


    serious answer, errrr try getting intouch with sony or the shop where purchased, that serious enough

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    So what do i do, ask them to repair it?

    Cheers. Great answer btw. +rep

    personally i send it back to SE themselves. you phone them up and they give you a freepost address to send it to. SE handsets are covered for 2years from manufacture.

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    Contact number?
    Do they replace or repair



    Contact number?Do they replace or repairCheers

    they repair! you dont get an exchange til fault three:?

    start here?…php

    sorry for taking the p***:oops:


    I prefer carphone warehouse as it can be done in 24-72 hours, where as … I prefer carphone warehouse as it can be done in 24-72 hours, where as sending to the SE service centre is upto 28 days. Carphone warehouse has fixed mine twice now no problems. They just email you when it's fixed. Just do a store search on the website and look for the closest with a service centre.

    handy if you have one with a repair centre local. SE have always returned my phone within a week on the few occasions ive had to send away. You use whats most convenient to you
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