Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

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Found 24th Jun 2010
Right, I am not profiteering. Just wondering if i were to sell this on, would people offer me £207? Same as i payed about 4-5 days ago. Still in the box. Simfree, and Unbranded. So no network branding anywhere at all. Comes with an 8GB SD.

Just putting this up, because i haven't decided if i want the IPhone yet. I can say it's still not been used properly, only turned it on the unbrand it (Flash it with Sony ericsson's official Generic firmware) and no network firmware - Might see a performance increase too. But wouldn't know.


If they cost £207 in the shops then I don't think people will take it off your hands for the same price when they can get a brand new one for the same price.

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Well, it's simfree and unbranded. The mini is £220. £387 is the cheapest for this

good price im sure someone will take it off your hands no problem

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