sony ericsson z520i or similar

    Hi HUKD

    Now I've been looking at getting this phone as it has exactly what I want

    Flip phone
    Decent applications (mp3 ring tones/bluetooth), nothing over the top and special (i.e. sd slot/3mp camera with time travel function)
    Quad Band

    Now I don't mind tri band, but quad band is ideal for me as I'll be moving around a bit.

    Now I'm seeing it at £100 on vodaphone, and cheapest £83 on amazon but with delivery times of 1-2 weeks, which seems like it's not really in stock yet to me...

    Now I want it to be unlocked, will it be easy to unlock down your local phone unlocking establishment you would say?

    If there are any cheaper alternatives with comprimising on the above features, then please fire away.

    Many thanks



    Original Poster

    oh forgot to add, I'm on a SIM ONLY contract at the moment, so not looking for upgrades/contract, PAUG/PHONE ONLY would be ideal. Main reason is I can't committe to anything longer than 4 months as I'll be out the country for 7 months (hence tri/quad band request as well).



    I've got a sim free Z520i. Its pretty much brand new, etc.

    Do you want it for £90? Thats quite a lot cheaper than in the shops.

    Original Poster

    I am interested actually.

    But quiet dubious/aware of buying of people on forums. How would we go about it? Can PM me if you like.



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    excellent that makes it £80 with the 20% of first order. nice one!


    excellent that makes it £80 with the 20% of first order. nice one!

    use quidco and you can earn another 5% cashback

    Sorted, no worries mate.
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