Sony Erricson k850i

    does anyone own one? can you tell me what you like about it? how many txts does it hold n stuff?

    I have one but havent used it properly as its locked to T-mobile but I'm considering getting it unlocked.


    I have one - have been using it for quite some time. If you are used to the Sony Phones, it does all that you would expect it to do... All the usual text messagess, pictures and music... To be honest, most of which would be kept (if you want to save it) on your memory stick -excluding some text messages - as for the number - trust me I have lost count of the amout of texts I have on it both in the inbox and in the outbox... So there is more than enough space...

    There is realistically nothing wrong with the phone - it just depends on whether you want the phone or not.....

    Horses for courses and all that.

    Personally, the only reason I would change is because change is as good as a rest as they say - but i am more than happy with it....

    No doubt others will contradict and so on - but as you have one - why not give it a try....

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    hey cloud thanks very much for the response!, I think I will keep it, its nice and bright and the battery holds a charge for days!, also if you say it holds enough txts then thats all good :D. it would just be nice if it had wifi built in but thats probably asking for way to much :P

    **** phone. Unlocks itself far too easily and then usually phones someone from your address book, attempts to access the web, takes a photo of the inside of your pocket.........etc.

    Using the SMS isn't the best, either. I wish I'd stayed with Samsung and will be changing asap.

    I'd stay well clear if I was you.

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    awww ive just read some other negative reviews about it sending txts to the wrong people, that could probably get me in lots of trouble :P

    The touch is annoying but if you like touch fones with a keypad then it should be fine. I personally think either a phone should be fully touch or fully keypad.

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    yeah the mix actually does confuse me alot, I go to touch the icons ALL the time :P

    In all honesty - you can find fault in everything - and every make has its good and bad points - some phones are good for music storing and some - believe it or not - are good for what you were going to use it for - talking.... OK PMSL - so we luv 2 txt which is gr8, but... if you suffer from Fat Finger syndrome, then just try to slow down perhaps and text a bit slower.....

    All in all, there really isn't much wrong with this phone - but everybody will have their favourites - and remember not to belive every review you read -for every bit of bad - there is normall a bit of good...

    Meow for now...

    I've owned a couple of them and had nothing but trouble - freezing, locking etc. Switched back to the k800i and have'nt looked back. Cannot recommend this phone, at all.

    Yep i've had probelms with it locking and freezing,wouldn't get another.

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    thanks for everyones help :D....

    erm.. I have one and have zero problems (although I had to have the original replaced in january - but that was a 3 firmware rather than hardware problem).

    I love the mix of touch and press - once you get used to it, it makes life easier imo - altho I would prefer all touch if I culd get it of course. Haven't experienced any of the probs mentioned above. Find the texting very intuitive and the battery life better than anything before (much better than the k800i, my previous phone). I have read that quite a lot of people have had probs with this phone though.

    ive had no problems with mine bar the usual problem with sony erricsson phone where is decides to deleted all game randomly and the usual "operation failed" as well when trying to open games

    personally thik this is prob the best phone ive had

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    thanks you guys, I'm taking it into a local mobile shop to see if they can unlock it tomorow, they unlock loads of phones so hopefully they can do this one, and hopefully it isnt to pricey (usually £20)
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