Sony erricson mobile error when conecting it to my car stereo

    Hi i have a son erricson k810i and am trying to run it through the usb socket on my car stereo so i can listen to mp3s from it,when i conect it all up my stereo says no data/music ,didnt have this problem on my nokia n95 and so was wonderingif im doing somthing wrong?thanks


    i think its a case af the music via the phone going into a 2x subfolder ( 1 folder then another folder )

    where you music from the car radio will want to see it in the root or at the most the first folder it reads ( hope that makes sence )

    the k810i is not compatible with the USB Mass Storage Device spec and therefore will not work with devices such as your car stereo which can only recognize USB Mass Storage Devices

    Try a basic MP3 player or USB memory stick/pen drive
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