Sony Erricson W810i (unlocking) HELP

    hi i got a w810i this morning and want it unlocked to o2 its on t-mobile!

    any help!

    i have a cable to link to pc


    That cable is no use. You'd need an unlocking cable/clip.

    However your local mobile phone market stall or those little mobile shops that sell plastic cases should be able to do it for about a fiver.

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    whats the diffrence ! i was told they are the same
    so i bought 1! was only 3.99

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    no standard usb to phone!

    hmmm, you need a service cable to unlock the phone, but standard cable can debrand it.

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    how do i de brad it then!

    bloody t-mobile!

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    any one!

    Don't look like it to me! I can't help ya, sorry bud! :?

    Have a look on there.
    Kinda fiddley, but it let me unlock my phone by following the instructions.

    And it's free, always a nice addition.

    Take a look here…719

    To debrand, use DaVinci. Im pretty sure this makes your phone available to all networks and gets rid of T-Mobiles branding. I did it for my K800i and do not regret it. Costs bewteen £5-£10, cant remember. I have to tell you though it is risky so up to you!

    Ive provided you with a link to a nice guide taken from another forum. Credit to the poster. Im sure theres a guide for w810 if you search the forum, as if I remember correctly, I used that one to debrand my K800


    ] a look on there.Kinda fiddley, but it … ] a look on there.Kinda fiddley, but it let me unlock my phone by following the instructions.And it's free, always a nice addition.

    not for SE phones...


    thats the link for the W810i debrand, i done it, and it worked a treat. but, tbh, you can probably get it unlocked and debranded for the price of a service cable.

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    thanks shanecr ill try it!
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