Sony help. Vaio!

    Little help needed.

    I bought a Vaio last Sep since i have bought it the hardrive went after 3 months and then just a few weeks ago the screen went LCD and the Fan so i sent back to get fixed.
    Now i got this from Littlewoods catalogue, so i am currently in the process of dealing with them as because it already has broken twice i am dubious so looking to get an extended warrenty- Not good really though is it since the comp has broken twice!
    I paid £800 for this laptop so i at least want it to last more than a year!!
    Anyway i have spoken to Littlewoods and requested that i want a new computer to which they have asked me to get the repairs numbers off Sony and they will take it from there, problem is....

    So anyway my warrently is obv up in Sep but when i call sony and put in my serial number it says the warrenty has exceeded and i physically cant get to speak to anyone.
    Does anyone have any direct numbers to sony i can call and actually get to speak to someone or any advice on the above situtaion would be great.


    0870 511 1999 0845 600 0124 01932 816000 Head Office Switchboard]Sony UK 0870 542 4424 01932 816000 Switchboard - ask for Vaio support]Sony UK 0870 240 6354 01664 484000 through ]Seme NEDIS Spares dep't - also Sony UK 0870 542 4424 01932 816000 Switchboard - ask for Vaio support
    try lots of numbers for Sony

    The retailer is responsible for 6 years after the date of purchase, don't let them fob you off to the manufacturer, littlewoods should be doing this themselves.…tml

    Do you have a Sony Cente in town? I'd go in and ask them if they would consider the faults to warrant a new replacement.

    £800!!! You must be rich, wil you marry me???

    Good luck with Sony!

    After purchasing a Vaio last March (£800) I had to send it back after two months, as the keypad was marking the screen . They replaced the whole casing for one which had better protection.

    Last month I noticed the right hand speaker wasn't working. I hardly use the built in speakers, usually headphones, which there wasn't a problem with. Anyway, as the Vaio was one month out of warranty they wouldn't do anything about it, and basically said tough s**t!

    I realise they don't have an obligation to repair it under warranty, but I thought they may have helped me out, sob, sob!

    I have had many Sony products over the years, trouble free from TV's to cameras. After this customer service experience I have vowed to stay away from Sony products.

    If it wasn't for my PS3, I would really slate
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