Sony home theatre DIY subwoofer

Posted 22nd Sep
Hello people. I have an old 7.1 receiver and The subwoofer no longer works. I have a few passive subwoofers and want to know if I can use a cheap amplifier connected to the SUB OUT which is a mono signal and amplify that direct signal and feed it into my passive sub? Will this work? If the sub out is below 80hz , will the regular amplifier pick this up and amplify this? If its just recreating the original signal from the sub out, it should work right? Or will I need a 2.1 amp and feed the sub out to this and disconnect the L and R speakers? Anyone tried these? I want something like this as a temporary setup. Any advice would be grateful thankyou.
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Ok So I tried the 2.1 method: split the sub out to MONO L and MONO R and fed both into a 2.1 amp and since the Sub out is already low frequency I guess it didn’t have to cut out much and I just didn’t connect the L and R speakers on this 2.1 system. It rumbles and booms in the right places now. I wonder if this was the best alternative for now as I did look on ebay for subwoofer pa but they also seem to require a L and R signal... weird.
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