Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

    just a bit of fun tbh, but its a great deal if you grab one!

    Today - and for one day only - Sony will sell PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

    A PlayStation '94 Shop opens its doors at 11am this morning. The shop is on Bethnal Green Road in London, opposite Slam City Skates. Liverpool Street is the closest station, or you want Shoreditch High Street Overground.

    But before you jump out the door, know this: only 94 people (see what they did there?) will get the chance to buy the console with the massive discount. People are already queueing up, so you're probably already too late.

    In any case, to have a chance you need to bring a piece of PlayStation memorabilia to the shop with you. A poster, perhaps, or a pad, or a Sackboy plushie.

    And, you have to say the secret phrase: "I crashed my Bandicoot!"

    The shop will also open tomorrow, 11th December, and Friday 12th December, when Sony will sell the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition console for £399 on a first-come, first-served basis. Only 50 of these will be sold on each day.

    All proceeds go to video game charity GamesAid.…ach


    Cold. This is limited to a certain demographic which means only people in London will get it. Waste of time.

    There is about as much chance of getting struck by lighting as there is queuing up and snagging one of these at this price with 1 hours notice.

    There are already 94 people in the queue according to gaming sites.

    Original Poster

    still a chance of getting one tomorrow for £399

    I was gutted reading it; initially I was like "AWESOME", then I thought great, only people who can afford to live in London get the best chance of getting this, unlike the rest of the country.

    Thought about going for one early this morning but then thought better. Things like this have the hardcore campers out all night. Not a chance for the average guy going to chance hes luck!


    There are already 94 people in the queue according to gaming sites.

    And yet you will still get people joining the queue and camping out all night knowing it's only the 1st 94 who will get one at this price.

    Apparently they are being sold online next week. More details to follow.

    Cynical marketing ploy to get on the news, oh my violence!, shouting and mayhem! We didn't see that coming honest gov (_;)



    Sony has abandoned its plans to continue selling the special edition console on Thursday and Friday at the London shop, after already running out of stock. But it will be going on sale online from Monday, at the standard price of £399.

    According to Sony 80 per cent of their allocation for the UK will be sold online, so if they had 194 to sell in London that presumably means they’ve got around 776 consoles to sell via their website. Which is obviously not very much at all, even if the special edition is £100 more than the normal version.

    Still, at least you don’t have to stand around in the cold waiting to (not) buy one now. According to PlayStation UK’s Twitter there will still be allocations each day, so we’ll update this story when they reveal the exact details.

    More likely the police said no

    How much!

    No wonder the world is such a mess if you have that amount of money to burn on tat give it to a charity

    Should also do a sweepstake kind of thing so everyone could have a chance

    Looks ugly

    White is best

    jeccius that didn't take long.

    I guarantee you some crazy person will pay 2.5k for it too! Bonkers!!!!


    I guarantee you some crazy person will pay 2.5k for it too! Bonkers!!!!

    one in the USA went for $20k it can only go down in price from that, what are people thinking oO insane give it to charity if you are that big a mug at least your cash will be well used to make a difference jeez

    that's 94 lucky people!

    wow I envy those lucky 94 people
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