Sony KD-49XD8077 vs Sony KD-49XE7002

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Found 7th Jul
Looking at getting a 4k TV and have seriously good discount, thanks to a friend!
I am struggling to understand the main differences between the two and why the XD80 is £100 more? is just an updated version?

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The XD80 is a 2016 model with the XE70 is a 2017 model that's a replacement for the next model down, the XD70.

I can't see any XE70 reviews yet but the XD70 dropped the wide gamut backlight (used for HDR content) and was a general downgrade (lower brightness, more reflective screen, inferior picture processing).

I wouldn't assume the XE70 is better than the XD70. It's Sony's cheapest 4K TV so they may have reduced the cost of it, as other manufacturers have done, to target more budget buyers.
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