Sony KDL-L32MRX1 ....just a question....

    ....i have this tv and as i've just bought a new one im thinkin of selling it.....but it comes without a foot stand because i had it wall mounted and i moved house and think i left it there ages ago =( but im just wondering if anybody would be interested in buying it....this is not an official sale for it but just to see if anybody has any interest. I live in southampton, and if people are interested i'll set up a for sale/trade post. its a gorgeous HDMI, but has component which is how i ran my xbox 360 and ps3 for high def and it looks fantastic!! It has an external media box as well which all your devices plug into for a bit more info. res is 1366 x 768. So if anyone is interested in this or knows how much i should ask for it then let me know =) and mods, if i am breaking any rules feel free to to move to for sale/trade but this is just a general post to see if anybody would b interested before i post it.

    this is a picture of tv:…jpg

    if anybody wants me to take a pic of my actual tv i can sort that out

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