Hi i have this tv, but cant get freeview which is built in, does anyone know?!


    try hitting it, might work

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    erm have u connected the ariel and gone into the freeview setup

    also RTFM!

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    i connected the aerial and then went to digital setup went to autotune and doesnt find anything
    i have it conected via the v+ hdmi but i wanted to know whether i can just use the internal freeview

    maybe your reception isnt strong enough for freeview?

    u should be able to use both hdmi and internal freeview as its on different input selections

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    maybe so if the reception aint strong, its possible i need a new ariel?

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    sunil rep added m8!

    thanks for the rep!

    yes you can also check your areas general signal using the online service…ty/

    a loft arial is not generally good for freeview, but why pay £100 for a new arial when you have a v+ box??

    spend it on home cinema or something instead?


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    well i have a home cinema in my room, what il do is just get a bigger optical lead as the 1m is too small!

    ok nice one:thumbsup:
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