Sony KDL32 V2500 32@ LCD TV

Found 4th May 2007
Hi, I have been searching for a good price for this screen, but the best I've seen is #699.99 + #30 delivery and #20 for 3yrs warranty, total - #750,
Unfortunately Costcos don't have this new model, as they give 3yrs warranty on all TV's!
has anyone seen it at a better price? Thanks

PS. price found at http://www.empiredirect.co.uk/content/products/details/index~modelcode~SON-KDL32V2500U.htm
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£850 in the Sony Centre with 5years warranty. Whether that's good or not depends how highly you value the extra warranty...If you're cheeky and take in evidence of better prices elsewhere I'm sure you can get something knocked of that too. They don't match internet prices officially, but I've always found them pretty willing to shift on price if you say you're looking to buy one now.

Also available here: ]http//ww…g=2 for £689.96 + £19.99 del

or here: ]http//ww…ned for £724 inc del.
thanks for that, I will pay the sony store a visit tomorrow and see if they will negoiate
Let me know how you get on, my dad's in the process of begging mum to let him have one of these.

"We need a new kitchen, the TV we have still works fine" she says, "We need a new TV, the kitchen still works fine" he says. LOL

Me, I want him to get the TV, that means I get his old one :). I'm not sure where I'd put a fitted kitchen in my tiny student flat, lol.
Sony store price matched with dixons @ £710, but I ended up purchasing last week for £780 with 3yrs warranty. Unfortunately Sony's offer of free 5yrs warranty ended at the beginning of May!
Shame, bit late now but John Lewis do 5yrs warranty too.
would they price match with dixons? How much ar john lewis selling it for?
just had a look at JL, they only do the 40" model for 1199 with a package, it seems that they dont sell 32"?
They do them at the one I Nottingham (was admiring one on Saturday actually, if only I had the money), so they'll be able to get hold of one even if it's not on the shop floor.

They also price match locally, so they should match Dixons if they have stock.
I'll give them a ring and find out.
Just gave them a call,JL dont price match with Dixons.
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