Sony Laptop Warranty

Found 27th Jan 2010
Just had my laptop battery leak. Was a pretty expensive Sony Vaio.

Its one and a half years old, and i still have the original receipt.

Just wanted to check what the EU regulation was regarding faulty goods.

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battery is normally seen as a consumable by sony so dno if you will have much luck

give Vaio a call be your best option
Has it damaged anything else?

Has it damaged anything else?

no, just laptop just has a severely reduced battery life.
what you mean by battery leak

as in a pyhsical leak?

or your battery life is just low

a lot of the time low battery life can be caused because the battery is always left in the laptop whilst the mains is in and the laptop is in use, or if the battery has been fully charged and left unused for a few weeks or months
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