Sony Memory Sitck Duo Pro

    My computer gets left on for long periods of time. It's currently been in on two days none-stop. Like an idiot, I put my K750i's memory stick (64MB) into the card clot and when I took it out it had melted (and I nearly burnt myself too).

    So now I need a new one. I'd like to go for whichever one gives the best megabytes per £, e.g. £20 for 1GB is preferable compared to £11 for 512MB, but if 1GB was £25 I'd go for the 512MB if you understand that... bearing in mind that my phone will only take upto 1GB.

    As always, karma to anyone who helps.


    I got a 1GB made by SanDisk when it was on special offer from Prism Direct a few weeks ago for £25. It was packaged and marketed specifically for the PSP. It was cheapest I’d seen at the time and I haven’t seen a better deal since, even on e-bay.

    Are you sure the K750i will only take a 1GB? - I thought it would take larger?

    Unfortunately, the Prism Direct offer has expired.

    Have you tried ebay?

    I got a 2GB delivered for £29.99 about a month ago.

    Works fine with my K750i although it takes a little longer to boot.

    Points to look out for :-

    Try and buy from a UK seller
    Check postage costs
    Some charge "required" postal insurance on top of delivery!!! :shock:
    AS always, check feedback.

    NB> This is my first post so I hope I've got it right!!, sorry if I haven't

    Good Luck

    Thanks for your first post fuddamukka.

    Ebay is always an option, but for items like this, there is an element of risk: read this forum for a bit more info on fakes. It's quite scary.…=43

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    Any good offers at the moment?? Apparantly my phone takes upto 4GB, even though Sony Ericsson say it's 1GB.

    I've got a spare 64mb memory stick pro duo here if you can't find anything else ?

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    Thanks for the offer. Was hoping for something a bit bigger though.

    Good price at amazon!! £23.24 delivered for a 1GB Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo


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    YES!! Thanks emma!! I still have my HUKD voucher from last year to use up. It runs out at the end of August.

    Thanks. :thumbsup:

    [SIZE=2]Great! Good find then...might post it in deals! [/SIZE]

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    I spent ages trying to work out if this fits in y phone of if I'd have to use the adapter, etc. It's a "gaming" version.

    The first thing I failed to notice was that the one which comes with the phone in the first place was a SanDisk!!

    The "gaming" version is different to the standard version in one way only... it's a different colour, yellow.

    Thanks Emma. Ordered. 1-2 weeks delivery time according to their site though.


    The "gaming" version is different to the standard version in one way … The "gaming" version is different to the standard version in one way only... it's a different colour, yellow.

    That might really matter to some people though Ducky...if it doesn't match their outfit...!

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    I've only just noticed the spelling mistake I made in the title. :lol:

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    It arrived today. It was estimated for dispatch between 23rd July and 3rd August so it's a good job that Amazon don't do a weather forcasting service or they'd be predicting hurricanes!! Oh... wait.

    So thanks Emma for finding me that!! What a lot of packaging for a little tiny card!! Inside the packet it says it comes with a 5 year scandisk warranty but it doesn't tell you how to claim from it, lol. Oh well!! Never mind.

    EDIT: And yes, it is transparent yellow!!

    Good stuff Ducky! Do you fancy posting the same post above in the post in the Hot Deals forum as well, as I posted it there (as some people don't read this forum)? Thanks!
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