Sony memory stick pro duo 1gb.... genuine or fake?

    i have just got a 1gb sony pro duo off ebay, and i recieved it without the box so i couldnt check if the box was genuine or not.... i have read a guide that emma kindly posted in a thread posted in the hot deals section, but this mainly helps for 2gb cards, i only have a 1gb one.

    can anyone give me any information so i can distinguish the difference between fake a genuine 1gb cards?


    Did the guide not apply to all size models?

    Welcome here by the way

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    well when it came to the chip itself it was mainly about the 2gb. my 1gb doesnt have that line they compare the printing with.

    thanks for the welcome.

    i've read the link, doesnt prove much help either, seems they make the difference due to the box.

    Had a search, can't see anything more about it other than that link above.

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    ok nevermind then, thanks anyway. if anyone knows any more, let me know! thanks.

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    its telling me it can hold 954mb of data.... is that the correct amount for a 1gb pro duo card?

    That's correct. About 1000mb is a gb

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    That's correct. About 1000mb is a gb

    yeah but i was wondering the exact value, as for osme reason in terms of storage, 1gb is not the same as 1000mb. and between fakes and reals there is a few mb difference. im trying out the card now, although i have a 1.1 usb port, its doing a song a minute which is about 3mbs.... is that too slow to be genuine?

    It says 954mb as it's the conversion from bits to bytes, something technical like that... Not 100% sure on that though.

    1Gb is about 1024Mb. However, you'll never get all of this as some of it is reserved for the system to use (e.g. the File Allocation Table, that holds the details of where the data is).

    Also, as emmajk42 says, the data is held in blocks, so there will be some redundant space (imagine trying to fill a box with lots of similar sized sweets - no matter how tight you squeeze in the sweets there will still be some gaps).

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    thanks for the information guys, i think, to my amazement, that this is a genuine sony card. i haven't tried loading it up to its capacity yet as its effort.
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