Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo (High Speed)

Found 6th Jun 2006
Need a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo (High Speed),
1GB or 2GB.

There are cheap ones on ebay but dont want to risk to get a fake one.

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All the PRO memory sticks are the high performance ones (black in colour). The standard ones are blue and don't have 'PRO' on them. Check [url]www.memorystick.com[/url] for more information. There is no "high speed" memory stick as such according to that website
I bought the savastore one (2gb) a while back and it's got High Speed written on it.

Seems to work fine at the moment though (touch wood), got 3 iso's, 2 movies and a load of emulators on there with no problems (using 1.7 gb)
I got myself a nice sony 2gb highspeed card off eBay for £30 and its awesome! I just had a quick look but the seller i bouhgt mine from (e-bargain-hunters) hasnt got any items for sale at the mo. Just check in sellers listings to see if they say its a sony stick or not - but I would say eBay will be the cheapest place! good luck
The risk of a fake one is pretty high. From reading a few articles about it, it's so hard to tell as well.

It's a question of whether you want to risk that or not.
1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo from Play.com - 57% off, was £69.99, now [color=red]£29.99[/color]. Here:

It's currently OOS at the minute poppy. Looks like you can still buy it, but they give no indication as to when it's coming back in. :?


Go with the cheap postage, still arrives next day!
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