Sony Mini Dissc Player Model No 480

    Can anyone help me find the cheapest place to get one of these please, cheapest I have come accross is empire direct £109.99
    thank you


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    thanks _ good store that - smaller mini disc player than the one I waned but thank you anyway

    I'm quite surprised that minidisc technology seems to be holding it's price well as it seems almost defunct now unless you have a big minidisc collection. Have got a minidisc recorder somewhere I haven't used in ages.

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    its for stage a lot of musicians still use the one im after is like a hi fi addition

    ]Play have them for the same price but you'll get Quidco or

    ]Superfi for £99.95 but I don't know their consumer history

    I think superfi have been around a while. Should be some mention of it on

    Richersounds would probably price match though…80S
    According to their blurb they should match the price and take an extra tenner off, so hopefully £89.95
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