Sony PJ410 Camcorder with Projector - End of line Currys

Posted 1st Oct
I picked this up at Currys in Chorley. It was their last one, and is no longer listed on the website. It was priced at £99.97 on the till, and when I asked for a bit of movement on the price the manager knocked off another £10 so I only paid £89.97. It's lovely. It's got Wifi so you can beam your movies and photos straight to your phone, you can control it with your phone, and most strangely it has a projector built in to the screen which I didn't have high hopes for but I connected it to the Nintendo Switch last night and played Virtua Racing on a massive screen. I'm over the moon with it, and the guy said that if any other branches have them, they should also scan at £99
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Agreed: Currys is end of line.
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