Sony Play TV (PS3) - aerial set up?

Found 9th Nov 2008
Obviously with Play TV you need to use an aerial splitter as there is no out on the Play TV box. What set up are people using?

I would prefer to only use Play Tv for recording, as I dont want my PS3 constantly switched on.

Do I need a booster, due to loss of signal strength? Where can I buy a decent splitter and can you get short cables lengths, as I cant be asked to start cutting things up.

Any help would be great.
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If you live in strong signal area,then its OK to use Play Tv,but if signal is not so good,avoid Play Tv,because it would not work properly,expect lots of freezes in picture.This is caused by Bluetooth waves,cos it interfare with digital signal quality-lots of my friends expierenced the same problem and signal booster would not helps at all.
mine runns through a splitter - and to say mine is dodgy is an understatement - though it does fluctuate tbh.

my main aerial feed goes into the PS3 - but I'm on a splitter. I may invest in a (decent) indoor aerial to plug directly into
Signal is strong - TV picture very good on freeview and Play TV works fine - both with the single source aerial. I therefore need to buy a splitter but Im sure the cr*ppy ones in Maplin wont be up to the job.
I've installed a splitter, but the signal into Play TV now has a strength of about 5% when scanning for channels. Direct to the outside aerial the signal is 50%. Would an Aerial Booster help????
If I buy a Y splitter to go into the PlayTv what flyleads do I need to get back the telly????
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