Sony Playstation 3 80GB due to release 27th August 2008!!! at £299

Its confirmed that the 80GB PS3 is to release in the UK on 27th August 2008!!! and will cost the same price as the 40GB. The 80GB will takeover the 40GB but it still does not have ps2 backward compatibility and has limited usb connectivity. Hope this is alright to post, is my first post.


Not really a deal.

Sweet deal Bro

Not actually a deal, just information!!

and no direct link :lazy:

Sony have already stated that the 80GB version will replace the 40GB version directly, in other words no price hike so the 80GB one will retail at the same price as the 40GB one that is currently on the market, so this isn't even something that's worth posting about.

I was in NYC in May, 80gig ps3 was on sale in RadioShack for 399 USD :):) funny, eh? But true...already ahd ps3, so brought Yamaha 663 home :):) gooood deal.

no deal should be moved to misc link doesnt even work

a deal would be cheaper than 299.99

thnaks for post I was about to buy one but will wait a while. Useful post

Not a deal, moved to misc, welcome to the forums ]moneysingh1.

Source please.

Will it come with the dualshock 3 controllers??

Any news on SACD playback? is it back


Any news on SACD playback? is it back

I doubt it, the hardware looks the same as the 40GB model - if you want a non-stripped down PAL model it's likely the older 60GB will be your only option, I think it's unlikely Sony will spec the PS3 back up as the 40GB model has done well.

I've not seen any details whether this model will come with Sixaxis or Dualshock3.



Basically the 40GB is being replaced with 80GB hard drive nothing else is changing. The american version will have a dualshock so it would make sense for the european version to have a dualshock but you never know.

The main thing to remember is that this is not 80gb being sold in America currently which has PS2 compatibility its just a change hard drive size. It is rumored that Sony is trying to find a way to make PS2 titles work with just software on the latest PS3's but even if this true don't expect this to happen anytime soon.

More confusingly the US is getting this version of the 80GB PS3 with no BC which will replace the existing 80GB model with BC.


no wonder wi is out selling ps3 by miles

huge price, cant play ps2 games

nintendo deserves its sales

The Wii and PS3 are very different consoles, the Wii has managed to tap into the Eyetoy/Buzz etc. market which the PS2 was successful with.


so the current US 80gig version can play PS2 games right?? can you also save the ps2 games cos i know you can play ps1 games on a ps2 but can't save them which defeats the object imo

Thanks for the Info but i think a better deal is to buy a a 40gb at argos for £215 then buy an external hard disk and save at least £30


Thanks for the Info but i think a better deal is to buy a a 40gb at argos … Thanks for the Info but i think a better deal is to buy a a 40gb at argos for £215 then buy an external hard disk and save at least £30

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