Sony PlayStation 3 with Grand Theft Auto IV

    I need the best deal on a Sony PlayStation 3 with Grand Theft Auto IV bundle.


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    Anyone got any prices?

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    wee bump

    the best price i can only seem to find is £319.99 anyone beat that price?

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    very helpful people on this site!!!!!

    DABS £309.98…31G

    Free delivery this weekend.

    Annoying as they were doing this deal + 2 other ames for the same price last week

    Zavvi - £309 - Free del…jsf

    Found quite a good deal.. Dunno if you still interested tho!

    PS3 40G + GTA IV + Either the choice of GTA Strategy Guide or I Am Legend Blue-Ray = £319.89

    Not bad not bad, thinking bout it for myself.. but I would love a 60G console purely for the extra USB ports and the PS1/PS23 built in Emulator, price is the main priority tho!…439

    Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

    You can get the PS3 Grand Turismo 5 bundle and buy GTA IV seperately for £330 on . Using the 5% code, this comes down to £313.48.

    I'm not sure, but you may get 4 to 6% quidco as well. To me this sounds the cheapest by far.


    That also sounds good.. I'm a regular user of just wondering K.. how do I use the 5% code?


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